The Scope

We designed and developed the Mobile App using Flutter including Clean Architecture Principles, with an Emphasis on API Integration using the Dio Package, State Management using BLoC. Integration being made with Metamask, Assets/Stocks Recommendation Algorythm

/ 01 / Logo / App icon

The rapid evolution of finance.

The logo for Syfter was made with an emphasis on crypto and fintech so it can easily become recognizable. So the task was to meet expectations of potential users and provide seamless experience and usability of the app

/ 02 / Adaptive App Development

During the Adaptive App Development in Flutter for Syfter app, we focused on creating responsive layouts that seamlessly adapted to diverse screen sizes and orientations. By incorporating platform-specific design components, fonts, and icons, and integrating real-time data streams, we tailored the user experience across devices.

/ 03 / Screens / Onboarding


The onboarding process for the Syfter app was carefully designed to guide users effortlessly into its financial management features. Through a series of interactive screens, users were introduced to key functionalities, ensuring a smooth and engaging introduction to the app's capabilities.

/ 04 / Colors / Color palette


We chose a clean and minimalistic color palette, to evoke a sense of professionalism and clarity in the Syfter app's design. This choice aligns with the financial industry's aesthetics, ensuring a focused and straightforward user experience.

/ 05 / Typography / Fonts

/ 06 / Screens / Sign In / Sign Up


By offering the option to sign in via phone number, we prioritized user convenience and security. This approach not only streamlined the onboarding experience but also added an extra layer of authentication, enhancing overall account protection and instilling user confidence in the app's security measures.

/ 07 / Work / Process

The Syfter app's development process seamlessly progressed through research, design, and app development, culminating in rigorous testing and a compelling presentation. This holistic approach ensured a user-centric financial management solution that harmonized creativity, technical prowess, and advanced security measures.

/ 08 / Home / Home page / News


Home page reflects the actual news about recent changes in stock and crypto market as well as showcasing the trending assets.

/ 09 / Wallet / Wallet Screen / Crypto


The wallet screen reflects the actual data on the assets that the user has in his portfolio. It can be stock market assets or crypto assets. Also Users can add new assets or withdraw existing ones.


The app has it’s functionality tailored to seamless swap operations letting the user decide which asset to swap and which to sell

Importance of Usability

We made sure that usability remains the core aspect of the app so we added multiple wallets that user can use to switch between.

Swipe Card’s Types

User can swipe left of right. Swipe left allows to skip the asset and swiping right places the asset into favorites. The app provides featured assets that can be used to indicate the featured and selected assets.

We also used Machine Learning Models to ensure the recommendation system learns from user preferences and shows only relevant offers.

/ 11 / Watchlist / Stocks / Crypto


The watchlist enables users to have all the assets that they marked as favorite to be place into one place for easy access and usability.

/ 12 / Stock / Stock page / Crypto

Stocks Page

The Stocks page allows users to track the volatility of the assets and keep a finger on pulse. Here we implemented both posrtrait and landscape views for easier access to data and usability.

/ 13 / Crypto page / Stock page / Crypto

Crypto Page

When it comes to Crypto Page we emphasized the importance of keeping the logic and usability features close to the Assets Page.

/ 14 / Premium / Invites / Other


Invites Users can invite their friends and get rewards


Here we Integrated RESTful APIs
• Integrated using Dio's HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) to communicate with server APIs.
• Implemented error handling mechanisms for different HTTP status codes and network errors.

Add to Favorites

Users are able to add assets to favorites and reach them later.

/ 15 / Settings / Settings page / Security